Summer at Black sea coast

Bulgarian Black sea is one of the tourist part of Bulgaria, the length of the coast is 354 km (200 miles), as 200 km is beach covered with fine golden sand.
Balkan Mountains reach the Black sea to the cape Emine, dividing the coast to South and North part. The South coast is known by the wide and long beach, compare to the North where has a rocky areas.
There are five island in the waters of the Bulgarian Black Sea: St. Anastasia, St. Ivan, St. Kirik and Julita and St. Toma.

Аverage temperature on the Black sea coast in the summer is 28° С air temperature and 25° С water temperature. There are more than 240 hour of sunshine in May and September and more than 300 hours in July and August.
Bulgarian protected areas in the South coast are Irakli, Pasha Dere, Ropotamo ets. 

This aria is one of the main tourist destination in Bulgaria. People from Bulgaria and many other countries visit Black Sea Coast mainly in the summer. The most popular Bulgarian South coast resorts are Nesebar, Sunny Beach – one of the biggest and the most preferable, Saint Vlas, Ravda, Pomorie, Lozenets, Sozopol and more.